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Prof. Dr. Martin H. Groschup

Head of the Institute

Telephone: +49 38351 7-1163
Fax: +49 38351 7-1191

Südufer 10
17493 Greifswald - Insel Riems

Dr. med. vet.
(Chamber) Recognised Specialist in Microbiology
(Chamber) Recognised Specialist in Virology


Current research projects

  • National research platform for zoonoses
    • The central goal of establishing a national research platform for zoonoses is the promotion of a broad cooperation between biomedical research groups, veterinary surgeons and medical doctors.
    • Towards breeding of goats for genetically determined TSEs resistance
    • APHAEA (harmonised Approaches in monitoring wildlife Population Health, And Ecology and Abundance)is an european research network concerning animal health and wild life research.
  • UFO
    • Possible impact of climate change to emergences of rodentborne hantaviruses
  • Identification of DNA patterns
    • The aim of the study in cooperation with the Meat Agency (ALMA) in Alberta (Canada)is Identification of DNA patterns from circulating nucleic acids related to Bovin Spongiform Encephalopathy
  • BSE Early Pathogenesis (BSE_EP)
    • Pathogenesis and dissemination of BSE-pathogens in cattle during early phase after an experiemntally induced infection
  • Erinha
    • ERINHA is a project of building a pan-European research infrastructure aiming to reinforce the European coordination and capacities for the study and the surveillance of highly pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • EDENext
    • Biology and control of vector-borne infections in Europe
    • The Network of Animal Disease Infectiology Research Facilities
  • GoatBSE
    • Improvement of goat TSE discriminative diagnosis and susceptibility based assessment of BSE infectivity in goat milk and meat.
  • Phänomics
    • A system biological approach of genotype-phenotype-dinstinction in the context of farm animal performance, health and welfare in cattle and pig.
  • Leukodepletion
    • The effect of leucodepletion on transmission of BSE by transfusion of sheep blood components
  • Propagation and titration of the scrapie agent from mice and hamsters
    • Propagation and titration of the scrapie agent from mice and hamsters for the prozess validation of the isolation and purification steps from  therapeutic proteins from human plasma
  • NaÜPa-Net
    • Forschungsplattform für Zoonosen, Vorhaben: Netzwerk "Nagetier-übertragene Pathogene"
  • Detailed Analysis BSE
    • Detailed analysis of classical and atypical BSE
  • Management of a specified pathogen free small animal husbandry/ generation of transgenic mouse models
  • Support of animal facilities